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Crews investigate house fire near Ucon

Officials said house is a total loss

Crews investigate house fire near Ucon

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho - A house near Ucon is a total loss after a fire started in the garage Friday night.

Investigators are looking into what sparked the blaze that fully engulfed a home on East 97th North, near 25th East.

By the time firefighters got there, the flames had spread to the house and engulfed two vehicles in the driveway.

Neighbors were forced to evacuate as a precaution, but they were allowed back in their homes just before midnight.

Officials said there were several propane tanks in the house that fueled the fire, making it impossible to control until the tanks were empty.

"We kept hearing a lot of pops and bangs as things were exploding," said Monte McCall, a witness. "Toward the end, we saw a big jet of flame shoot up in the air from the propane tank releasing its blow off valve."

Crews said the fire caused around $250,000 worth of damage.

The homeowner was taken to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and treated for burn-related injuries, but has since been released.

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