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Cyclists stop in IF, help Habitat for Humanity

Cyclists stop in IF, help Habitat for Humanity

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Never underestimate the energy of the young.

Bike and Build cyclists were in Idaho Falls gutting a house Thursday. They partnered with Habitat for Humanity's neighborhood revitalization program.

The young adults started their trip in Virginia and were on their way to Oregon.

Along they way, they're raising awareness for the need for low-income housing in America.

This was the group's eighth stop.

"We're really appreciative of our host in Idaho Falls, First Presbyterian Church, and the Habitat affiliate here for letting us build or destroy, if you will," said Lydia Marik, a Bike and Build cyclist.

Habitat for Humanity has five housing projects in the Idaho Falls area. Three homes will be built, and two existing houses will be refurbished.

If you'd like to help either organization, see and .

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