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De-clutter your mind by training your brain

Change Your Mind, Change your life

REXBURG, Idaho - Training your brain to de-clutter your thoughts can translate into de-cluttering your life.

It starts in the part of the brain called the Riticular Activation System. It's the part of your brain responsible for functions like sleeping and breathing, and it's widely known that changing your life can be done by training the brain.

Michael Reynolds is a trainer and mentor who teaches people how to de-clutter lives by de-cluttering the mind.

"The world that we create on the inside of our mind, becomes the world on the outside of our mind," said Reynolds."

He admits to struggling with life as a kid and through his adult years. After several failed entrepreneurial ventures, he decided to focus on himself.

"I spent most of the time pointing to exterior things, like the market wasn't good enough or the people didn't like this or didn't appreciate that. And then I finally realized it was me," said Reynolds.

After he took a class on de-cluttering and applying those principals successfully to his life, he began teaching.

Reynolds said it starts with three key elements: Declaration, Write and Burn, and Faith and Fear.

The first element is to write declarative statements to convince the mind you are what you hope to become. Reynolds carries his statements with him and recites it throughout the day.

The second element is the process of letting go by writing your thoughts on a piece of paper and burning it.

"So you've got the kinesthetic of the writing. You've got the visual of seeing it on paper, you've got the smell of the burning and you've got all these different things that are the senses help process and say OK, we'll get rid of that," said Reynolds.

The last key element is to open your mind to understanding faith and fear. Reynolds says both concepts come from faith.

"One is faith that the bad is going to happen, one is faith that the good is going to happen," said Reynolds.

He added with an open mind and a few easy steps, anyone can learn to become their best self.

Reynolds will hold a free class at the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce, Saturday, March, 9th from 6-8 p.m.

He also offers one-on-one mentoring and coaching on de-cluttering your home. He can be contacted by email or 208.227.3272

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