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Devarae Saxton: Distinguished Student

Devarae Saxton: Distinguished Student

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - If you walked down the halls of Discovery Elementary right after lunch this past semester, you probably saw Devarae Saxton tutoring some of the kindergarten students.

"Early on in high school, I started taking classes to work with children, and through that experience I found that I really enjoy doing it, and that's why I came here, to get that one on one experience with those kids," Saxton said. "I enjoy getting to fill them with knowledge that they'll get to use the rest of their lives. It's not just something they're going to use here and there -- they're going to use it forever."

It's no wonder the Bonneville High School senior plans to be a kindergarten teacher. It's her passion.

"I also do a lot with the Snake River Mountain Bike Club," Saxton said. "That's a club my dad and some friends made, and it's really big. I think we have about 400 members."

One other passion Saxton's had in high school is journalism. She was editor of the yearbook and managing editor of the school newspaper. She feels her high school experiences in those areas will help her throughout her life.

"It gives you many skills for the real world," Saxton said. "You're not going to be in high school forever, so getting skills in yearbook helps. I have to set deadlines and have discipline, so having those skills is going to help me further in life and not just now."

As Saxton reflects back on her high school experience, she has this advice for those still in school.

"You can get caught up in life, and you don't want to do your homework or study for that test, but in the long run you're going to want to go to college and make something of yourself, so try doing your best and making yourself the best you can be," Saxton said.

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