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Development project announced in Bonneville County

Development project announced in Bonneville County.

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho - Landowner Stafford Smith says about 400 acres are being developed from the east side of Interstate 15 between exit 113-116.

There are three phases of the project. Phase one is owned by Andco Leasing and construction has already started. Landowners Smith, Melaeuca, and Andco Leasing have been studying the stretch of land for three years.

"We determined that it was feasible, then it went into the approval phase, design and construction phase," said Smith

Owner Heber Andrus said they've sold about 40 acres to different businesses and plan to sell more.

"We have 100 acres we're developing that we're putting that sewer system in to service," said Andrus.

The sewer service will be extended north to Sunnyside Rd.

"The Regional Wastewater Authority has a sewer line right here at Dad's Truck Stop that made developing this property feasible," Smith said.

Phase two is two new car dealerships owned by Smith. They will be located across Sunnyside Rd. from Teton Toyota. Smith said he hopes to have them open in the spring. He's also excited for the opportunities the project could bring to the city.

"The lower development costs and tax structure in the county make it highly attractive to businesses that are watching their costs. We think this is going to be a highly desirable development to bring new businesses to the area," Smith said. 

There is no word as to when the entire project will be finished.

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