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Disabled man's adaptive bike stolen in Rigby

Family seeking help, upset about theft

Disabled man's adaptive bike stolen in Rigby

RIGBY, Idaho - A family from Rigby is reaching out for help after their 31-year-old disabled son's special tricycle was stolen.

The three-wheel bike was custom made for him because of serious health complications he has suffered throughout his life.

For most people, a bicycle is just another way to get around, but it's more for Charles Collier.

"It just made me feel like I was part of the community instead of just being a person walking alongside the road, watching everybody else go by," said Charles.

Human-powered freedom, self-confidence, independence, all words Charles said describe the relationship he has with bike.

Charles' mom, Sharron, said he has a long list of health problems and high-functioning autism, so the adaptive bicycle suited him well. 

"To be free to get out there on the road with the rest of the kids was so amazing," said Sharon. "He always had a basket, so he'd take the little kids and give them rides in the basket."

So when the family woke up to find that the bike had vanished from their yard, they were devastated. 

Rigby police and the family's neighbors even jumped on board to help look for the green tricycle, but didn't have any luck. 

"It made me feel happier that even our next-door neighbors who haven't known us for that long, felt this strongly about it," said Charles.

An adaptive bike can cost anywhere between $400 to $1,600, so if the family doesn't get it back, they'll have to save for months for a new one.  

But Charles does have a message for whoever stole his bike. 

"I hope at least the person that did take it, will take care of it for me," said Charles. "Love it as much as I have loved it since I first got it."

If you have any information, you can call Crime Stoppers anonymously at (208) 522-1983.

Or, if you'd like to contact the Collier family directly, call 200-1253 or 313-0532.

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