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Disney's "Bears" prompts a local educational exhibit at the movies

Bears Interactive Exhibit

AMMON, Idaho - Disney's latest non-animated feature film is a called "Bears." It gives an entertaining and educational glimpse at the life of brown bears in Alaska.

Friday at the local premiere of Bears, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game was on hand at the Edwards Cinema with an interactive exhibit for movie goers.

"I saw the Bear movie," said five year old Taylor Cooper.

Friday night at the movies was all about bears at the box office.

Sisters Taylor and Sydney Cooper loved the film and the chance to touch real bears after the show. The girls were among several dozen children who stopped by to see the exhibit.

"In Idaho proper we have 25,000 black bears," said Ken Olson, with the Idaho Fish and Game.

IFG was on hand to answer questions and give safety tips if you ever run into a bear, the most important to always carry bear spray.

"About 98 to 99 percent of people who have to pull this or an actual bear encounter walk away unscathed," said Olson.

The exhibit was an up close experience for children.

The children got to see what black bears and brown bears look like, how they eat and how to be safe around the.

"I learned they pick berries with their claws," said Cooper.

"Don't ever pet a bear or never ever ride a bear," said five year old Naiya Lamprecht.

All important lessons for a five year old and a fun way to get excited about a nature film.

The exhibit will be on display all weekend from noon to 7 p.m. at Edwards Cinema in Ammon.

Show times for Bears can be found on this website.

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