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Distinguished Student: TJ Thacker

Distinguished Student: T.J. Thacker

RIRIE, Idaho - Leadership is one of the qualities of United Dairymen of Idaho Distinguished Student Award winners, and this week's winner is no exception. Whether it's in student government or in sports, Ririe High School senior TJ Thacker is a natural leader.

"I really love sports - just about any sport, T.J. says. " Football, wrestling, pole vault and track is really fun. I like to dirt bike and be outdoors with my family."

TJ is a two time state wrestling champion. He's taken third in the state in track and pole vault.

As student body president TJ wants to try to get everybody involved and have school spirit. As a senior and class officer he wants to set a good example for the younger students too.

"I've always tried to be an example to everybody, but lately with me being a student body president Mr. Williams tells me I can really change the whole school," TJ says.

Sports and student government are a big part of TJ's school experience, but he knows the most important reason he's here.

"We were at football practice the other day and the coach was saying we're student athletes and student comes first, so you have be good and do all your work so you can do your sports and the things you enjoy," TJ says.

TJ has this advice for other students to make the most of their high school years.

"Try to be in clubs and be involved and do things because even if you've never done it before as a senior you can always come up with some fun things to do," TJ says.

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