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District works to get kids vaccinated

Immunization Exemptions

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - School is just about to start and for some that means vaccinations.

Bonneville School District 93 is urging parents to get their kids immunized. However, some parents do not want to vaccinate their kids.

School district officials said they try to stay at 94 percent immunized.

"Because of the whooping cough outbreak and last spring there were some measles outbreaks in other states, we are requiring this year that parents have their (kids') immunizations up to date before children can come to school," says Marjean McConnell, deputy superintendent for Bonneville Joint School District.

There are immunization exemption forms parents can fill out to allow their child to start school without vaccinations.

"Parents have rights, and we respect that. So if they do fill out the exemption form, we do respect (that). But if there are outbreaks, we would have to exclude those children (from school)," says McConnell. 

For more information on immunizations for students, click here.

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