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Doctors warn against overeating this Thanksgiving

Doctors warn against overeating on Thanksgiving

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Many people are probably thawing out their turkey and preparing for Thanksgiving day, but people may not be thinking about all the health risks that day can bring.

Doctor Anne Broadway said turkeys aren't the only ones that have to duck for cover on Thanksgiving day. Family fun becomes more dangerous, especially when turkey puts a little more wobble than gobble in after-dinner entertainment.

"Everybody wants to do a little rough-housing in the living room and there's a few broken bones and strains going on from that," she said.

Fumbles aren't the only thing people have to worry about. Broadway said people underestimate how much food they can handle.

"Overindulging on thanksgiving, in one meal you can easily pick up 7,000 calories," said Broadway.

She said it can be pretty easy to forget all about the negative health risks when the sweet aroma of holiday cuisine starts calling.

"Telling yourself 'no you're not going to have it,' is setting yourself up for failure," she said.

So instead, experts say it's best to only get a spoonful of everything without going back for seconds.

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