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Duck feeder vending machines installed in Rexburg

Duck feeder vending machines installed in Rexburg

REXBURG, Idaho - Vending machines that help feed ducks and hungry kids have been installed in one Rexburg city park. You can find the machines in Nature Park.

For 25 cents, you can feed the ducks a handful of food pellets. 100 percent of the proceeds will help feed hungry kids in Ecuador. Rex Head is the Executive Director of the Orphanage Support Services Organization in Rexburg. He is the man behind the idea.

"People have not really known that we here until they came to the park. We've had a very good response, the ducks are getting healthier and we are also getting quite a few funds for the orphans," he said.

The city hopes the machines will stop people from feeding the ducks things like crackers, bread or popcorn.

Head said he is still trying to raise money for more machines and a different design. If you would like to help click here,

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