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Eastern Idahoans in Bay Area felt earthquake

Eastern Idahoans in Bay Area felt earthquake

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Several eastern Idahoans either visiting or living in the Bay Area reported feeling the earthquake that hit the Napa Valley early Sunday morning.

Dalin Bernard, 23, said he and his roommate had just come home after a night out when he felt the earthquake.

"It's a weird feeling. It's hard to explain. The room was almost rolling and the closet doors were shaking pretty bad," said Bernard, who moved to San Ramon, California from Rigby three months ago.

San Ramon is located about 15 minutes from the epicenter of the quake. Bernard said he and his roommate were not injured and that their building didn't sustain any damage.

"Being from Idaho, I didn't immediately think 'I'm in an earthquake.' You know, we had been out pretty late the night before. I almost thought maybe I was just still feeling a little of the aftermath from the night out, but then I said 'I think this is an earthquake,'" said Bernard.

Pocatello native Brady Summers said the earthquake knocked over glasses and a television set in his San Jose home. He said the following minutes were filled with an "awkward silence."

Crayton Maher, a truck driver from Pocatello, said he was sleeping in his truck in Northern California when something woke him up.

"Something woke me up in the middle of the night," said Maher. "I don't know if it was because of that (the earthquake) or just a noise in the truck."

On the Local News 8 Facebook page, Jen Larsen commented that her sister was in San Francisco at the time of the earthquake but that she slept through it.

Jerilyn Owns of Fremont County said she was in Vacaville, California for her brother's wedding. She said she was woken by the earthquake and noticed her bed and nearby lamps were shaking.

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