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Easy steps to make your home burglar-resistant

Easy steps to make your home burglar-resistant

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Idaho Falls police say your home may not be as secure as you think and could be an easy target for burglars.

Scott McKinley with BMC West, a construction supply company, said there are many things homeowners can do to make their homes more secure. You can start by checking your door locks and deadbolts.

"Make sure that it works correctly so that it's not just partway there and that it does go all the way through," said McKinley.

You should also make sure your deadbolt or lock is secure and doesn't wiggle around inside the door frame.

Another thing to watch out for: the size of the screws that secure your door lock to the frame. The most common ones are less than an inch long, but McKinley said it's better to upgrade to longer ones.

"What we are recommending if you really want to get extra security is to go with something that's about 3 inches long, which will then go fully into the stud wall," said McKinley.

While you can never be completely burglar-proof, police say taking these steps will make burglaries less likely.

"If a suspect or criminal has to take a few extra seconds to do something or to get into something, it usually is kind of a deterrent. Not always, but a good majority of them are going to be deterred," said Joleyn Hansen, spokeswoman for the Idaho Falls Police Department.

Hansen said if you call the IFPD at 529-1200, they can even inspect your home and tell you where security is lagging.

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