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"El Elote Loco" one of the newer food vendors at the fair

"El Elote Loco" one of the newer food vendors at the fair

BLACKFOOT, Idaho - The food you find at the fair is certainly a big attraction.

At the East Idaho State Fair there are a lot of food vendors to choose from, which makes this year's theme of "It's a Feeding Frenzy," a very fitting one.

Year after year, people drive for miles to get to the fair, and one of the biggest reasons -- the food.

"We put our secret sauce on it, then a Mexican dried sweet cheese, then we make it crazy by putting on some chili lime," said Richard Johnson.

Richard Johnson and his family own "El Elote Loco" and said it's a family affair.

The triple sweet variety corn is grown on their farm.

"We got a 20-acre farm that we grow a lot of produce on and go to the farmers markets, then we've got this and then we have the Wild Adventure Corn Maze that starts in mid-September," said Johnson.

While the Eastern Idaho State Fair is going on its 111th year, the Mexican crazy corn booth is only in it's 2nd.

But already in its sophomore year, the corn crew took home second place in the "Best Food at the Fair" contest.

"When we got up to the stage, everybody was going crazy like 'Hey! Where's my corn?' So that was encouraging. Plus it helps to have a great product," said Johnson.  

And contestants in this afternoon's corn eating contest were going crazy, too.

At events, like the fair, the Johnson's will sell more than 1,000 cobs a day.

"Corn is king in our family," said Johnson.

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