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'Fablehaven' author visits local school

'Fablehaven' author visits local school

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - "Fablehaven" author Brandon Mull visited schools in Idaho Falls on Wednesday. Often these assemblies cost school districts up to $1,500, but Mull's visit was free because east Idaho sells so many of Mull's books.

For the 45 minutes Mull spoke to Linden Park Elementary School the kids pretty much never stopped laughing. Mull lead an imagination game, where kids made up a story involving a giant Cheez-It monster and a tree that grows unicorn horns. That kind of imagination is what drove Mull to write his 'Fablehaven' series.

"It's the story of two kids, Kendra and Seth, who discover their grandparents are the caretakers of a secret wildlife park for magical creatures," said Mull.

The books are New York Times best sellers and are translated to many languages all over the world. So, Mull doesn't have to do things like school tours, but he loves them.

"I spend a lot of my year alone in my room typing, so it's nice to get out of the office and get around kids who are actually reading my stories and be able to talk to them and listen to them," said Mull.

"This is real-life literacy. It's relevant; the kids care; they are so excited to hear from an author who has written a book," said Ginger Strait, a teacher at Linden Park.

"I had a parent come up to me and say that my books, the 'Fablehaven' series, were the books that made her kid turn into a reader, and that's always the best thing I can hear," said Mull.

Mull has recently released a new series called "Five Kingdoms". Chad Morris, author of the "Cragbridge Hall" series, also visited Idaho Falls schools today.

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