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Film series part of Black History Month

Film series part of Black History Month

POCATELLO, Idaho - The Pocatello Branch of the NAACP is hosting a film series the month of February to educate the public on black history spanning decades in the United States.

"The blacks have been written out of the history of the United States," said Pocatello NAACP President Bobbie Dr. Branch.  "There were blacks here before they even brought the slaves to the southern coast.  We were part of the development of this country, and people don't know that."

The movie shown Sat., Feb. 1 movie, "Prince Among Slaves (,) detailed the life of an African prince who was forced into slavery in the United States, freed and then struggled to free his enslaved children and grandchildren.

"It talks about how slaves were brought here," Branch said, "It talks about the dignity of an individual who was a slave and how he was able to overcome."

Branch said all the movies this month will be similar in theme, but one important aspect they all have in common: they are all true stories.

Branch said she hopes a story that won't become true is about a law in Texas that will rewrite many parts of history textbooks -- especially black history.  

"We have not been listed in the history of the United States," Branch said.  The textbook doesn't give the true picture of how the United States was formed. If you don't talk about the past, you don't know where the future is going to go."

She said the way to know is to educate yourself with films like those that will be at the film series.  She also said personal stories are vital.

"I grew up in the south," Branch said.  "I'm from Texas, and I went to an all-segregated school.  I lived during the times where there were signs for blacks, whites and others. You don't hear a lot of that in the textbooks. and that's another story that needs to be told."

The film and discussion will take place in the community room of the Marshall Public Library at 2:00 p.m. every Saturday of February.  To find out about the upcoming movies, you can call the Pocatello NAACP at (208) 478-2150 or visit their Facebook page here:

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