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First-ever garage sale for the POW/MIA

First-ever garage sale for the POW/MIA

POCATELLO, Idaho - Bowe Bergdahl turned 28 on Mar. 28.  He is three months shy of being the United State's only prisoner of war for five years.  That's why the POW/MIA Association in Pocatello continues to hold fundraisers.

"This is for the community, it's for the POW's and MIA's and it's for awareness in general," said Tim Cowden, associate director of Pocatello's POW/MIA Association.

Any money raised at the fundraiser will go to expenses for the POW/MIA yearly Awareness Rally.  They will also donate portions of the money to the National League of Families and the Pocatello Veteran's Home.

Cowden said it was not only a way for folks in the community to donate items for a good cause, it was able to showcase the Eagles building on the corner of Benton and Main, which is being refurbished to be an event center.

"They're doing their best to preserve the building and its original use as a community hall and an event center for the community to come and celebrate life's pursuits and happiness," said Cami Chopski, part of the family that owns the building.

The plan is to call it Liberty Hall, where you can hold events like parties, receptions and meetings.  (Liberty Hall on Facebook:

Chopski and Cowden said it felt right to have one of the first events they host be for the POW/MIA, especially as a reminder of the current POW in Afghanistan.

"Everything goes for the awareness," Cowden said.  "We make sure people don't forget we still have a POW in Afghanistan."

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