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Fishing for free? Yes, with the Take Me Fishing trailer

Want to fish without the fuss? Let Fish and Game help

Want to fish without the fuss? Let Fish and Game help

PRESTON, Idaho - Fishing is certainly popular in Eastern Idaho, but it's not for everyone. And while some people have never even been fishing, Idaho Fish and Game is hoping to change that with the Take Me Fishing trailer.

"There are a lot of kids that spend a lot of time indoors and we're just kind of trying to show them it's OK to say, 'Let's go fishing, let's do something outside,'" said Bryan Glass, one of the Fish and Game employees working with the trailer.

The Take Me Fishing trailer travels throughout all of Eastern Idaho, making fishing stops about four times a week. The two employees with the trailer show people the ropes and provide any and all equipment for them to use to fish for a bit.

"We can take care of the entire process, which makes it easier for people to come out and be in the outdoors," said David Losinski, the other Take Me Fishing trailer employee. "Sometimes fishing can be a burden and people don't like spending money on licenses if they don't know if they're going to enjoy it. This is a good way to get people out fishing for free."

All you need to do is sign up with them at the trailer on the day you want to fish. That acts as a license to fish while you're with them. Both the employees, also avid fishermen, say to not give up your first time fishing if you don't catch anything. It takes some skill knowing what bait is best for what fish and even what type fishing is best for you.

"It's a combination of being patient, sticking with things, but also trying out new things," Losinski said. "Finding that balance can be the most difficult part of fishing, typically."

For future dates of where the Take Me Fishing trailer will be and when, follow this link to the Fish and Game website:

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