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Flitner and Nowlin square off for Jackson mayor

Flitner and Nowlin square-off for Jackson mayor

JACKSON, Wyo. - Tuesday's Wyoming primary election left the town of Jackson with two candidates for mayor.

Sara Flitner was the lead vote getter with 36.9 percent of the vote. Mark Nowlin wasn't far behind, with 32.8 percent.

Nowlin's family has been in Jackson for more than a century. He's served on the planning commission and the town council.

"I know how the operation works," said Nowlin. "I've had that experience when there was some exciting things going on in town for the planning issues and annexation pieces, so I think that's a good qualification."

Flitner, a business owner, has worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations in the area since she moved to Jackson more than 20 years ago.

"So that's given me an incredible understanding about what's important to the community, how people struggle, where they need help to succeed," said Flitner.

While the candidates will cover several issues over the next few months, there is one obvious issue that's on the whole town's mind.

"If elected, I'm going to work very hard to pass our land development regulations immediately," said Flitner. "They provide some relief in terms of getting affordable housing, rental housing and other kinds of private sector and public sector assistance solutions on the ground."

Nowlin agreed that affordable housing is a top priority.

"Somehow the government has to supplement that dirt price, so that we can build housing for people that stays for the people, and it's mainly rental units." said Nowlin. "People don't have a place to land. They come here, they get a job and they're camping out by the hundreds in the national forest, backyards and couch surfing, quite frankly."

The general election will be held Nov. 4.

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