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Flooding hits area cities hard

Flooding hits area cities hard, including Blackfoot

BLACKFOOT, Idaho - Area cities are reeling from two days of flash flood watches and warnings, and preparing for more to come.

Flooding in Blackfoot was so serious Mayor Paul Loomis issued an emergency request and a reverse 911 call, asking residents in Blackfoot, Groveland and Moreland to reduce the amount of water they're using, as the system was above capacity.

Loomis said he wasn't sure if the weather would cooperate enough to allow the system to process the water, and said he was unsure if this would constitute an emergency like one in the late 1990s when the city had to dump sewage water into the Snake River and pay the Department of Environmental Quality fines.

Another concern with the sewer system was manhole covers coming off, leaving the manhole exposed and under water. This could cause major problems for your car if a tire drops into an open manhole.

That's why it's advisable to not go driving through deep water, and be careful while walking, as sewer grates and manhole covers could be affected there as well.

Driving through heavy waters in residential areas can also send waves of water into the basements of residents already trying to deal with a flood. Scott Reese, director of Bingham County Emergency Management said they even had to close some streets.

In Blackfoot, sandbags are available for the public at the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds, and in other cities by calling your local street department and finding out where to get them.

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