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Flowering rush picked out of Gem Lake

Flowering Rush In Gem Lake

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Bonneville County Sheriff deputies dove into Gem Lake to pick a weeds because they have the proper diving equipment.

Flowering rush is an invasive weed from Asia. It has long leaves up to 40 inches and pink flowers with three petals and sepals.

It may look pretty, but a plan was developed by the Bonneville County Weed Control Department to remove it before it ruins the ecosystem and the flow of water.

"We need to keep this from stopping the flow of water or maybe breaking free and getting into the turbines and raising their cost (Idaho Falls Power) of trying to keep hydroelectric power," says Jeffrey Pettingill, county weed superintendent.

The thick roots cause problems like choking out the native cattail.

"(It can) Increase the sediment load in the reservoir, which impacts the insects level, which impacts the fish. So not only are you upsetting the habitat and the ecosystem but the fisheries they have in here," says Pettingill.


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