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Forest to spray for pine beetles

BRIDGER-TETON NATIONAL FOREST, Wyo. - Bridger-Teton National Forest contractors will apply an insecticide around various developed recreation sites and most campgrounds to combat mountain pine beetles. A provider will apply the insecticide Carbaryl beginning Thursday.

Forest managers said many of the lodgepole pine and whitebark pine stands on the Bridger-Teton have been infested by the beetle, which has killed trees across the forest. The insecticide treatment is intended to protect susceptible high value recreation trees.

The forest will also place verbenone pouches, which emit special chemical pheromones to keep insects from invading particular areas, in various parts of campgrounds across the forest.

Roughly 2,100 lodegpole pine, 100 Douglas fir, and 780 whitebark pine will be treated.

In the Jackson Ranger District, lodgepole pine will be sprayed at the Kozy campground and Granite campground and hot springs. On the Buffalo Ranger District, Turpin Meadows campground, the Blackrock ranger station, and Hatchet campground will be treated. Lodgepole will also be treated at the Kelley guard station and Clear Creek state cabin on the Kemmerer Ranger District.

Whitebark pine will be treated at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Gunsight Pass on the Jackson Ranger District. Squaw basin, Grouse Mountain, and Leidy Lake will be treated on the Buffalo Ranger District. In the Kemmerer District, whitebark pine will be treated at La Barge Creek guard station and the Clear Creek state cabin.

"Special precautions will be taken to protect the water outlets during the applications for these insects," said acting Forest Supervisor Cheryl Probert. "Furthermore, if needed we will close the facilities temporarily only for the day of treatment."

Crews will avoid spraying 100 feet from live water or in winds greater than 15 miles per hour. Picnic tables and fire grates will also be covered to protect from Carbaryl application.

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