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Fremont rescuers help stranded travelers

ST. ANTHONY, Idaho - Early Thursday morning, Fremont County Search and Rescue helped four people stranded in the cold.

Crews were called to South Antelope Flats Road because of a stuck car.

The car ran out of gas about eight miles in from U.S. Highway 20. Four people were inside -- three 20-year-old men and a 15-year-old girl. All but one were from St. Anthony.

One of the men, from Sugar City, set out on foot in jeans and high-topped sneakers at 10 p.m. Rescue crews were called out around 3 a.m. Thursday.

Temperature dropped to 8 to 12 degrees below zero.

Some family and friends tried to go get the people, but they got stuck about 100 yards in.

Luckily, search teams rescued everyone, but they said things could have easily turned out differently.

"If it would have started snowing or if the wind increased, at those temperatures hypothermia is no longer a
possibility – it is a guarantee, and the severity could result in death," rescuers said in a news release.

They said that when you get stuck, unless your vehicle is hanging over a cliff or in immediate danger, do not leave it.

Keeping the doors and windows closed can prevent you from freezing, especially with the body heat of more than one person inside.

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