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Furloughs for CWI workers

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - More furloughs are coming to the site.

On Friday, CWI workers got a bulletin from Executive Vice President and COO Bill Lloyd about when folks will start getting sent home.

Workers are being told to show up to work Monday.

But cleanup operations will be suspended on Oct. 21, and that's when some employees will be furloughed.

The email does not say how many people will be forced to go home.

The furlough will last at least one week, possibly more if the partial shutdown of the federal government continues.

CWI is not the only company at the Department of Energy site impacted by the shutdown. On Thursday, Local News 8 obtained an email from Battelle Energy Alliance to its employees, which stated 2,600 of its workers would be furloughed starting Oct. 18.

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