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Gas war creates low prices in Bonneville County

Gas war creates low prices in Bonneville County

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A local gas war is still helping your wallet. The price war is in its fourth day and is affecting almost all of the gas stations in Bonneville County. It started at the corner of Yellowstone and Hitt Rd when Dad's Travel Center opened about a week ago. When they opened the Conoco gas station across the street dropped its prices from $3.55 a gallon to $3.14.

"We just want to be competitive in the market," Conoco station manager, Ramona Denning said.  

Denning said it wasn't her intention to start a gas war.

"I think the whole town has kind of followed now with lower prices and we're all seeing the benefits of that," she said.

Right now competition is fierce between stations in Bonneville County.

"We did a big price drop on Friday night. We were at $3.53 and we dropped to $3.19," said the owner of Sunnyside Tesoro, Tara Christensen.

Christensen said even though her station is in Ammon, she is following the trend.

"Even though that is on the other side of town we want to be competitive to drive people to this side of town," she said.

AAA of Idaho said the average price for a gallon of regular in Idaho Falls is $3.27. A huge difference compared with Pocatello's average of $3.68. Blackfoot's average is $3.66 and Rexburg's average of $3.51.

"You have got a couple of dealers saying driver demand is down and they are paying a lower price, so some of them are turning around saying lets help our customers out," said Dave Carlson of AAA Idaho. 

Customers seem to be happy, some are even driving to Idaho Falls from other areas. 

"I'm definitely going to fill up here rather than Rexburg. It is like a 20-cent difference and I'm a college student," said Jarom Bennion.  

"It is around $40 a tank and last time I filled up in Idaho Falls it was about $28, so it is significantly cheaper," said Matt Bennion.  

Managers said they are not sure when prices will go back up. They said it depends on the price of fuel.  

AAA said Idaho's gas prices are the eighth highest in the nation.

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