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Good Neighbors: Youth Jam Volunteers

Great Neighbor: Roaring Youth Jam

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - With the nice weather summertime offers lots of opportunities for people in Eastern Idaho to show what great neighbors they can be.

This past week the Snake River Roaring Youth Jam gave local young people a chance to take part in music and other arts on the Green Belt. The annual even is put on by the Idaho Falls Arts Council.

"We want the people of Idaho Falls to participate in things that can spur their creativity and be out here on our amazing greenbelt." Idaho Falls Arts Council director, Brandi Newton said.

Dozens of booths are set up along the greenbelt and they're all manned by volunteers just for this event.

"It's amazing, " Newton said. "It just kind of warms my heart to see everyone participating."

There were all kinds of arts and craft projects. Volunteer Brandon Christiansen found it rewarding to work with the kids.

"Having kids smile - that's probably the best part when they smile from jokes you make, especially when you try to make them cheesy," Christiansen said.

Mason Hackman volunteered to help out because he loves the arts.

"I think it's really important to get out here and help these kids learn about art and expressing themselves and using their imagination," Hackman said.

Daniel Borup led groups of young people in creating large canvas art works.

Rather than just using paint brushes it's fun to stamp with blocks of wood or honey dippers and things like that," Borup said. "Creativity is kind of a lost art these days, and as children are getting older and older they're losing that more and more with video games and all kinds of things."

Brittany Hooper plays the leading role in the upcoming youth arts center production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie." She volunteered her Saturday to promote the performing arts to the kids.

The performing arts was a very formative thing in my life," Hooper said.

Other volunteers provided instruments and some performing tips for aspiring young musicians to try their hand at everything from drums to guitar. They loved it. Throughout the three day event local talent had a chance to perform.
"I like to share my talent with everyone and it's just fun to come out here and get the experience of playing out in public," performer, Kiersten Landon said.

Organizers pronounced the roaring youth jam a big success and plan to continue the annual tradition.

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