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Government Shutdown Affects EICAP Programs

EICAP Programs

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership in Idaho Falls supports hundreds of low-income families through their programs.

If the government shutdown continues through next week, Monday many EICAP employees will be on reduced hours.

As the weeks progress, more programs will slowly be cut. If the shutdown continues through November 1, many local families will no longer have essential programs.

10 days into the month, and we're 10 days into the government shutdown.

"Never has it been this drastic," said Russel Spain, executive director of EICAP.

Spain said head start will certainly close if the shutdown continues through the Nov. 1.

237 families in Eastern Idaho won't have a place to send their children and 57 staff members would be laid off.

Spain said cutting head start will mean local families will suffer.

"The impact is going to be pretty significant, they've started with the kids in late September so to break that cycle of learning for whatever period of time this goes on, after November 1, is not good for kids that young," said Spain.

"After November 1 we will stop deliveries of food, to all 16 food banks," said Spain.

Stopping deliveries would affect people in Idaho Falls, Dubois, Mackey, Island Park, Rexburg and Arco.

"In addition to that energy assistance is set to start November 1st," said Spain.

Once the $1.1 million at the state level runs out, the program will also be cut.

"With the winter months coming, that's going to impact even more families," said Spain.

Spain says as Washington continues debating, low-income Americans who depend on this program will be hurt the most.

"They have no place else to go," said Spain.

Spain said closing The Haven at the end of the month is also in consideration.

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