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Govt. workers may visit your yard to measure trees

Govt. workers may visit your yard to measure trees

AMMON, Idaho - Pretty soon, you may see officials with the Ammon Parks and Recreation Department out and about measuring the trees in your yard.

They're doing this on behalf of the Idaho Department of Lands as part of the federally-funded Snake River Canopy Analysis Project.

They'll visit around 300 sample plots across eastern Idaho and use the data they collect to gain a better understanding of the trees in our region.

"This project will allow us to capture the value of the trees in the communities, where they're located, the species distribution," said Gerry Bates, the South Idaho Community Forestry Assistant for the Idaho Department of Lands.

Parks and Recreation Department workers spent Thursday calling property owners seeking permission to survey the trees on their land.

The survey will begin in June.

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