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Graffiti removed with a laser in Idaho Falls

Graffiti removed with a laser in Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A local high schooler and his mentor put the finishing touches on a school project Saturday, and cleaned up the city of Idaho Falls in the process.

Dr. Bob Fox and Bonneville High School Senior Patrick Mcilwain used a high power laser to remove graffiti from walls, rocks and a bridge on the green belt.

The duo had permission from the City of Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Department to clean up defaced areas downtown. The laser was hooked up to a generator and used 120 volts of electricity. 

Fox, an employee at the Idaho National Laboratory, said his goal was to help Mcilwain learn more about a new technology.

"I help Patrick to learn additional information outside of the classroom," said Fox. "Practical information about lasers and other technology."

Fox and Mcilwain spent ten hours cleaning the graffiti with the laser. Mcilwain said all the time he put in to the project paid off.

"I had an incredible time over the past couple of months getting this thing together and putting it all together to what it was yesterday," said Mcilwain.

Fox is putting together a report for the City of Idaho Falls to help illustrate the success of the graffiti removal.

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