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Grandparents of gay ISU student arrested for a cause

Grandparents of gay ISU student arrested for a cause

A local student is talking about her grandparents' fight for her rights after they were arrested at the State Capitol Monday.

ISU student Sydney Axtell's grandparents, Tick and Shelley Axtell, were blocking the entrance to the Idaho Senate chamber as part of a protest for equal protections for gay and transgender citizens.

The Axtells were arrested with 41 others and cited for trespassing.

"I was there because I really fear for her," said Shelley Axtell, who at the age of 70, was arrested for the first time in her life.

While they were arrested, the Axtells weren't actually taken to jail.

"We were basically ready to post bail, but all that happened was we were cited and allowed to leave at that particular time," said Tick Axtell.

The Axtells say they knew arrest was likely, but that they wanted stand up for their beliefs and their granddaughter's rights.

"We don't want her to live in fear of being rejected for whom she is in this great state of Idaho. If the legislature doesn't add the words then they are trying to say it's a right to consider her a second-class citizen," said Tick Axtell.

Sydney Axtell says she's thankful for her grandparents and the others who were arrested Monday.

"Thank you so much. It means a lot to so many people," she said.

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