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Great Neighbor: Feeding 5000

Great Neighbors: Feeding 5,000

POCATELLO, Idaho - Pocatello churches celebrate another successful year of joining forces to feed the needy. For 16 years the faith groups have conducted the Feeding the 5000 campaign.

The theme of this year's drive was, "The Generous Will Be Blessed," from the Bible. Norma Boyd shared her original composition by that title at the closing ceremony.

Music was big part of the celebration, from bands singing faith promoting songs to an interfaith choir.

The event capped off another successful year.

"What we do is ask the churches to collect money and food at each individual church, and throughout the campaign we have several different venues that we put on," co-chair Lynda Montgomery said.

One of the most successful events this year was a progressive dinner where food was collected. It progressed from the First Presbyterian Church to the Central Christian Church to the LDS Church, concluding with desert at the Catholic Church. That one event raised enough money and food to feed 5,000. Altogether this years drive will provide 20-thousand meals.

Organizers say that's what happens when people of faith set aside doctrinal differences and work together for a common cause.

"We have different faiths in our committee group and it's just wonderful to see that we of different beliefs come together for one purpose," co-chair Jeanne Drais said.

"I think what's important is that we all have the same mission, we all have the same call, and that is to love God and love each other, and I think that's the biggest thing that we come together and work for the better good," board member Laura McKnight said.

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