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Great Neighbors: Adoptive Parents

Great Neighbors: Adoptive Parents

Idaho - Every week we feature people or groups who spend a few hours or days involved in a project that really helps others. But this week we focus on great neighbors who devote their life to others through adoption.

Ken and Teresa Long first thought about taking kids into their home years ago because they felt they were in a position to fill a need.

"We would see the Wednesday's Child segments all the time and get on the website and see all the kids that needed help and felt that was something we could do," Teresa said.

So they decided to start by being foster parents. They had several foster children in their homes temporarily, but there was something different about Noah and Maggie when they were sent to the the Longs for foster care two and a half years ago.

"The minute they walked through the front door it was just like, 'We love these guys,'" Teresa said. "It was instantaneous, we just felt like they were something special and we were meant to be together."

When the children became available for adoption a year later, there was no question. The Longs adopted them.

"I think it's made our family complete," Ken said.

Noah says life is better in an adoptive home and encourages more people to consider it.

"I would say you should adopt kids because then they have a better life and you will end up being lucky," Noah said.

Maggie agrees that having the Longs adopt them was a good thing.

"I like them because they're nice and they were lucky enough to get us," Maggie said.

The most touching part of my visit with the Longs was when we talked about love in the family.

"Oh, we love them very much and we want the best for them," Ken said.

"Oh, I couldn't love them more," Teresa said.

The children also talked about how much they love their parents.

"From the moon and back," Maggie said.
"More than they love me," Noah said.

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