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Great Neighbors: Election Workers

Great Neighbors: Election Workers

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Except for a few run-off races the city elections are over, but did you ever wonder what it takes to put it all together?

We may take them for granted - the army of poll workers, without whom these elections would not be possible.

In precinct after precinct the polls are manned by patriotic citizens trying to do their part. Some, like
Deloris Searle have been doing this more years than they can remember.

"It's amazing how many of them have come back and you've watched them as they've grown older and they are very dedicated," Searle said.

Then there are others like Kyle Rawson who is doing this for the first time.

"I've never done anything like this before and I thought it would be fun to see the other side of how voting works," Rawson said.

These workers spend 12 hours here on election day helping voters and making sure everything goes as it should.

"The county handles the election part and they train us as to what questions we'll probably be asked," said election worker, Marianna Gonzales.

Election worker Joelene Hendricks gets downright emotional about this process that she helps oversee.

"When some of the voters come through and they express their love for their country and for the opportunities that they have to vote and have a voice in what happens to their country, to the community, to our city - that's what keeps me coming back year after year," Hendricks said.

In a couple cities these election workers will be back again December 3rd for runoff elections - once again helping the voters who want to do their civic duty.

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