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Great Neighbors: Foundation for Aspiring Musicians

Great Neighbor: Foundation for Aspiring Musicians

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Good news for those who want to learn an instrument but can't afford full priced lessons.

The Foundation for Aspiring Musicians is a local nonprofit organization that uses volunteers to teach lessons to those who otherwise might not be able to afford them.

Justin Gardner is excited about his musical experience.

"I love it. I love the teachers who are helping me to do the stuff and if I'm having trouble they'll help me," said Gardner.

Much of the credit goes to the Foundation for Aspiring Musicians founder, Aileen Earle.

"I had opportunities when I was little and I really appreciate my parents could do that for me. And I just feel I want to put it back into the community - the talents I have I need to channel and help these people."

The students are asked for donations of $5 to $10 a lesson if they can afford it .

The foundation teams up with local retirement homes and use their facilities for a place to teach. In return they give residents free performances. Students also perform at local restaurants.

Experienced teacher volunteers like guitarist Don Fedder find it all rewarding.

"You just see somebody come in and they want to learn how to play guitar and you show them a couple of things and pretty soon they show you they're going to be a heck of a lot better than you are," said Fedder.

"I'm amazed and really impressed and really proud of him - he's done great," parent Gloria Schofield says.

The foundation also provides instruments if the student don't have their own.
Guitar manufacturer Fender learned about the foundation and agreed to donate instruments to the organization but they need $500 for shipping and are asking for community donations.

That way they can provide opportunities for even more aspiring musicians like these young men.

If you'd like to donate to these Great Neighbors or if you'd like more information on lessons, go to their website,, or call Aileen Earle at (208) 709-7062.

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