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Great Neighbors: Harris family

Great Neighbors: Harris family

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Great neighbors come in all sizes, and they don't have to be doing big things that impact the whole community. Sometimes it's as simple as helping people on their street.

When there's a snowstorm, it's a sure bet that you'll see the Harris family out shoveling - not only their own walk, but neighbors' as well. One grateful neighbor tipped us off about this family. From 5-year-old Addison to 14-year-old Wyatt, the kids get involved.

They say their parents don't make them do it.

Charlie and Lori Harris said they are pleased their children are not only willing but eager to serve others.

"We try to help them and teach them that life isn't just about themselves, but it's about everyone around you," said Charlie. "We try to teach mostly by example."

And through their service the children have learned the old adage, "'Tis more blessed to give than to receive."

So if you happen to be driving down Gladys Drive in Idaho Falls after a snowstorm, don't be surprised to see the Harris family out with their shovels.

Some people say there are too many negative stories in the news. We want to show you there are plenty of positive stories out there, too, and that's why we run our Great Neighbors series. If you know of someone we should feature, please email

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