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Health care confusion continues

Health care confusion continues

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - A few people got a crash course on their health insurance options Tuesday. The Idaho Falls Exchange Club welcomed Idaho Health Exchange Board Chairman Stephen Weeg to explain health insurance options.

Its been more than a couple of weeks since the kick-start of the Affordable  Care Act, but the complaints about access and glitches continue.

Weeg presented members with Your Health Idaho, a website that allows people to compare and choose a health care plan that's best for them. The presentation explained where to go and who to talk to when trying to apply for health insurance.

Many group members expressed their concerns, especially when it comes to enrollment deadlines. It's a concern that Weeg said isn't a problem as of yet.

"The best thing is to be patient and know that the federal system is not working real well. You have the time, so it wouldn't hurt to wait two or three weeks for the system to get better before you actually go through the application process," he said

If you're uninsured, the deadline to enroll is March. If you want you're insurance to go into effect by the first of 2014, you have to enroll by Dec. 15.

For a full breakdown of all health care options, go to  

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