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Home Depot helps remodel couple's home for free

Home Depot helps remodel couple's home for free

HOWE, Idaho - Two married veterans in Howe are getting some help putting the finishing touches on their new home.

Thursday Home Depot workers donated building supplies and volunteered their time helping remodel the couple's bathroom.

"I don't know if I can express -- felt like we were rescued, in a sense," said Kathi Jensen.

The Army veteran and her husband, Gary Jensen, saw many things while serving their country, but few as uplifting as the tide of men and women in orange who come to help them with their home.

"They both are veterans and they both have beautiful stories, and all they need is a little extra help," said Kristin Shurtz, manager at the Idaho Falls Home Depot.

The help is welcome.

Kathi Jensen suffers from spinal cord injuries – one of the reasons the Jensens moved into their unfinished home so early.

"We had concrete floor in our old place, and it was just so hard on my spine," said Kathi Jensen.

Volunteers got right to work cutting tile, erecting scaffolding and installing plumbing fixtures.

Shurtz said the work would normally cost anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000, but it's being done at no cost to the Jensens.

"It's touching. It's really touching," said Kathi Jensen.

For Gary Jensen, it's a chance to say the words he's always hearing.

"We thank them for their service," said Gary Jensen.

If you know a veteran who could use some help with their home, you can refer them to the Home Depot Foundation.

Some of the work in the Jensens' home was funded through a $4,500 grant the foundation awarded to American Legion Post No. 56.

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