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How Young Is Too Young For A Cell Phone?

When should your child get a cell phone?

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Verizon Wireless is among the latest carriers to launch a new tool to help parents monitor their child's phone usage.

Madi and Jordan Wright, 15-year old twins, got their first cellphones in fifth grade.

"Almost everyone had phones by the time we had phones, we had prepaid phones until sixth or seventh grade" said Madi Wright.

The girls spend all day together playing ping-pong and air hockey, but when it comes to communicating, they rarely use a phone to actually talk to one another. They use other popular communication apps.

"Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook, just like fun apps and texting," said Madie Wright.

As for rules, the girls buy their phone, their parents pay for the service and check it whenever they want.

"Sometimes my dad randomly steals our phone and doesn't tell us. He looks at our messages, it's kind of awkward if they know the guys I'm texting," said Madi Wright,laughing.

She added "I think they have a right to look at your messages when they want to, but I don't think they should constantly be looking at your messages and stuff."

The girls say rules should change as kids get older, but for young users, a phone ends up being used for what it was always meant for, calling a parent for help.

"If they can hold on to the phone and it's not an expensive one then it's kind of OK. I remember one day I was left at school and I didn't have one. I was there forever," said Jordan Wright.

Most cellphone carriers offer monitoring tools.

There are some online monitoring tools too, so your child doesn't have to know you're keeping an eye on their phones.

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