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Idaho DEQ warns about Franklin County air quality

PRESTON, Idaho - Weather conditions and overall air quality have combined to extend local residential wood stove restrictions and a ban on open burning in Franklin County. 

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality said that due to elevated pollutant levels and a stable atmosphere it has issued a Stage 1 Forecast and Caution.  It said air quality may approach an unhealthy category through Friday.

Residential wood burning activities are restricted to certified or exempt stoves only. 

Individuals having an inherent sensitivity to increased particulate levels are encouraged to avoid prolonged outdoor physical exertion. The Idaho DEQ said that at current levels, there is an increasing likelihood of respiratory symptoms and increased aggravation of asthma or lung ailments.

The high pressure system and elevated pollutant levels are forecasted to remain over the area until the middle of next week.

The restrictions will remain in effect until air quality improves.

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