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Idaho Falls City Council to review economic development ordinance

Idaho Falls City Council to review economic development ordinance

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Real estate developer Willard Price initiated a meeting Monday afternoon with the Idaho Falls City Council in an effort to encourage modifications to an ordinance.

The economic development ordinance was originally designed to work with major companies with over 100 employees, who also have an average hourly pay of $15.

"That doesn't always fit all of the businesses," said Price.

Price and landowner Frank VanderSloot are hoping the City Council adjusts the ordinance for smaller businesses and offers better incentives for development. The City Council agreed to look into the ordinance that would sweeten the pot for businesses looking to break ground in Idaho Falls, and more specifically, Sunnyside Road near I-15.

City Council Member Sharon Parry says the potential changes are a step in the right direction.

"It's more of a domino effect, where a smaller-sized business would initiate yet another one, geographically, and then another one," said Parry.

Sunnyside Road appears to be the perfect place.

"The feeling all along has been that Sunnyside will eventually become the main entry into Idaho Falls, just because of the east/west corridor that's been created with that $44 million we spent," said Price.

What about that question everyone's been asking? The one that's often met with rumors and speculation. Is Costco finally in the cards for Idaho Falls?

"I can't give you any details on that," said Price.

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