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Idaho Falls workers clean icy streets

Idaho Falls workers clean icy streets

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The affects of the winter weather are creating some slick roads in eastern Idaho. While main roads and highways are mostly clear, some neighborhoods in Idaho Falls are covered in ice.

 The department said they started cleaning some of the residential areas on Friday and will continue to do so from this point forward. Idaho Falls has five trucks that salt and sand roads, which can keep your car from sliding. Superintendent of the Idaho Falls Street Department, Paul Hathway, said using the vehicles can depend on the weather and what is on the roads.

"Our main goal is to hit the main areas first, the heavy traffic areas. But once we have those areas under control, then we will hit the residential areas," said Hathway.  

Hathway said right now drivers are hitting neighborhoods that see lots of traffic.

"The pressure of the cars will pack down the snow, but if you go in there and start putting salt, that will loosen it up to where it will turn really fluffy and loose to where it will be hard for the traffic to get in and out," he said.  

Some feel the city is not doing enough to clear the roads, making them unsafe.

"Our roads are pretty slick. They don't get plowed too often, but luckily we have not had too much snow this year," said Idaho Falls resident Jessica Russell.   

"The side streets are really bad in Idaho Falls. On a lot of the side streets you're worried about stepping on the brake or maybe sliding into somebody," said Randy Pace.  

The city said if you feel this way give them a call, but others say it is just part of living in Idaho Falls.

"It is something you deal with, you deal with it every year," said Terrell Detrick.      

The street department said if there are areas that need to be sanded immediately crews will be out there 24/7 until the roads are safe. If you have a problem with the streets in your neighborhood give the department a call at 208-612-8214.

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