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Idaho Falls zoo welcomes animal babies

Zoo Babies

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho -  Could you imagine having 17 babies in four months?

That's how many critters have been born in the Tautphaus Park Zoo since April.

The latest addition is just two days old, a ring-tailed lemur born on July 17. There was another lemur born a few weeks ago.

Other births at the zoo include a zebra filly born in April, twin Patagonian cavies, two red-and-yellow barbets, three spur-winged lapwings, three black swans, and at least two wallaby joeys. One penguin and one flamingo chick have already hatched, and more are expected in the near future.

Little kids, including 11-year-old Isiah, are loving the little animals.

"We saw a few baby birds and the baby zebras. The mothers really care about their babies," Isiah said of his visit to the zoo on Friday.

Tautphaus Zoo Superintendent Beth Rich is excited about the baby animals not only for zoo visitors, but also for what it means for the zoo.

"When we have good reproduction like this, it is a testament to the great quality of care the animals are getting. When we've got reproduction and we've got really good infant survivability, that means the animals are doing well," Rich said.

Some of the babies may eventually find new homes, but for now, guests can view the animals in their regular exhibits. 

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