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Idaho State Geography Bee

Idaho State Geography Bee

REXBURG, Idaho - The National Geography Bee is held every year in Washington D.C. This year marks the competition's 25 anniversary.

Before heading to nationals, competitors must win the state competition. The Idaho State Geography Bee was held at Bringham Young University in Rexburg, Idaho on Friday.

Anxious young geographers ranging from 4th to 8th grade showed mixed emotions as they awaited their turn in the final round of the Idaho State Geography Bee.

"Kind of I'm a little bit kind of scared," said sixth grader Ragen DaBelle. DaBelle said he's loved geography since he was 7 years-old. To practice he studied all the countries of the world and the capitols.

"My mom and dad hope I make it to nationals, cause they want to go to Washington D.C.," said DaBelle.

Before any of the contestants can head to Washington D.C., they have to make it through several rounds of tough questions.

As the questions got harder, the competitors were slowly eliminated.

The final round was between fourth grader Nicolas Monahan and a seventh grader from Grangeville, Idaho, Amrit Singh.

Singh said his love for geography came from his father who travelled for work and would come home with stories of his trips.

Singh said he practiced by studying the world map above his bed each night before he went to sleep.

"I'm still trying to take this in, I just kind of blanked out," said Singh about his winning moment.

Singh won a $100 cash prize, The National Geographic on DVD, and an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C for the national finals May 22nd.

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