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IF City Council runoff races Tuesday

IF City Council runoff races Tuesday

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The Idaho Falls City council run-off races are Tuesday. Six people are running for three open seats.

For seat No.6, Karen Cornwell and Barbara Ehardt are going head to head.
Cornwell has been on the council for eight years.

"I think I'm the right person for right now with my background. I've been a good council member for the last eight years in my opinion," said Cornwell.

Ehardt is a manager at the Apple Athletic Club.  

"One of the reasons I am running right now is the same reason why I decided to run four years ago. The biggest concern has been the transparency in our local government. There has been things being done that we don't know about," said Ehardt.

Ehardt said an email database open to the public is one way to help transparency. Both candidates want to attract more businesses by creating a tax-friendly environment. It is one of the few things they agree on. A big issue for both of them is the anti-discrimination ordinance.

"To have two legs of it and the third not be passed is kind of a slap in the face for those who have had hard times," said Cornwell.

"I am okay with the housing and employment clause as part of the ordinance but the public accommodation clause absolutely limits our freedom of speech and freedom of religion," said Ehardt.

Each candidate is making their case to fill a seat.

"I believe I have been fair as things that we have done as a council and I want to continue that. I would also like to guide the two new city council members," said Cornwell.

"You will see me work hard to get you involved, to let you know about the issues out there. I will not be doing backdoor deals. I believe I am the best candidate to represent the values and beliefs for the citizens of Idaho Falls," said Ehardt.

The two candidates running for seat No. 2 are Paul Menser and Dee Whittier. Seat No. 4 is between Jilene Burger and Ed Marohn. You can vote on all three races from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday.

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