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IF construction and vehicle damage

IF construction and vehicle damage

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Slow travel, a lot of noise and vehicle damage is occurring from seal coating projects in Idaho Falls.

Some construction is on Sunnyside Road, Memorial Drive, South Utah Avenue and West 17th Street. To see a full list, click

It's part of a process called seal coating happening in several roads of Idaho Falls. The city is placing rock chips on top of liquid asphalt to maintain roads for another 10 to 15 years. But not everyone is happy about it.

Some locals are concerned because of all the gravel on the roads. There is so much gravel you can see pieces of tar on each rock. Some cars have dust all over the outside, which is easier to clean off than the tar. But another vehicle has a crack in the windshield from the rocks.

"I have a Corvette that I will not take out of the driveway because I will not take it out down the road, my old pickup is basically what I drive," said Bonneville County resident Cal Craner. The city said sweepers are used right away to get rid of those loose rocks. Construction Inspection Chief Gary Olsen said pay attention to the warning signs and follow the speed limit.

"Drive slow, there are loose rocks out there so take caution," said Olsen

Olsen also said seal coating is economical and will protect the road from extreme weather conditions. Others seem to agree.

"I mean it would be slick when it rains, I mean they have to do it," said Idaho Falls resident Cheryl Gneiting.

"I was pleased to see them put some resurface on Sunnyside Rd because it gets a lot of use," said Gene Place of Hamer.

The seal coat project for the city will end Sunday. To see a full list of the construction projects and lane closures, click

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