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IF makes plans to better connect city

IF makes plans to better connect city

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - The city of Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Department will hold its third "Connect Our Community" public meeting April 9.

The city will discuss with the public plans to connect major bike trails and expand crosswalks throughout the city. Parks and Recreation Director Greg A. Weitzel said he has already heard from many cyclist and pedestrians who say existing trails are great, but it's time to expand.

"They want to be able to ride their bikes and walk safely from their neighborhood to the green belt," he said.

Before the city can begin construction, it first has to come up with an area plan, then find a source of funding. But Wietzel said the biggest obstacle will be dealing with the natural flow of traffic.

Idaho Falls alone has more than 25 miles of trail and will be working with Ucon, Iona and Ammon to discuss extending connections from those cities to the greater Idaho Falls area.

The meeting on April 9 will be held at the Downtown Marriott Residence Inn at 7 p.m.

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