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Indian relay races take slow start

Indian Relays: Slow start

BLACKFOOT, Idaho - The rain put a damper on a few attractions at the Eastern Idaho State Fair Thursday. The Indian Relay Races were set to start at noon, but due to the muddy track from the rain, the race was delayed.

The relay may have gotten off to a slow start but took a fierce turn around with three races. Each rider switches between three horses as they go around the track.

Excitement filled the stands as some riders lost their horses during the lap exchange. Each rider fights to win, but relay announcer Donnie Wheeler said its all about what the crowd wants.

"People love horse racing here in Idaho. One thing about these boys here, they're gutty, they're hearty and the crowd comes to see them," said Wheeler.

The winner of the Indian Relay Races wins almost $40,000 dollars.

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