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Intermountain Gas seeks rate hike

BOISE, Idaho - Intermountain Gas Company wants to increase its rates by 4.15 percent beginning Oct. 1. 

In its annual Purchased Gas Cost Adjustment application, the company is asking the Idaho Public Utilities Commission to approve the $10.3 million rate hike. The company said it needs the increase to cover the wholesale cost it pays for the natural gas it sells its customers.

The company said the cost of moving natural gas through interstate pipelines to the intermountain system has also increased. 

The gas company's earnings would not increase as a result of the proposed change.

If approved, residential customers using gas for space and water heating would increase by an average 3.92 percent, or $1.85 per month. Customers using natural gas for space heating only will see an average increase of 68 cents per month. Commercial customers would see an increase of $14.18 per month or 7.26 percent.

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