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ISP completes investigation into woman's death

LEMHI COUNTY, Idaho - The investigation into the death of a woman who had been in the custody of Lemhi County Sheriff's Office is complete.

Idaho State Police announced Thursday they finished their inquiry of the Oct. 31 incident, in which Karri Stephanishen, 44, died after becoming unresponsive in the back of a patrol car. She had been arrested on a charge of possessing methamphetamine.

The sheriff's office said she had used a seat belt to harm herself, but Stephanishen's family said things just didn't add up, especially since they said she was handcuffed at the time.

She died at Eastern Idaho Medical Center on Nov. 1.

The ISP's findings have been turned over to the Lemhi County Prosecutor's Office. Prosecutor Paul Withers said he will review the report over the weekend, as well as speak with Stephanishen's family and give them a copy of the document.

He plans to announce what action his office will take Monday.

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