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ISU looks for participants in study

ISU needs volunteers for psychology study

POCATELLO, Idaho - Idaho State University needs a few volunteers to complete a study.

It was started last spring and will be wrapping up in a few months, but researchers still need about 60 participants.

The study is focusing on human impulse – why people make decisions without thinking of consequences.

Specific areas of the study will look at sexual behaviors, drugs and alcohol, with a specific emphasis on obesity.

Your participation is anonymous, and you will be compensated $25 in cash and be entered for a drawing for other prizes. Participants should be 18 to 30 years old and be unmarried. This health behavior study is open to anyone in the community who qualifies.

The study's lead author says it will hopefully help in treatment for these often dangerous behaviors.

"If you're trying to develop an intervention, say to help change a particular behavior, it helps enormously if the intervention is guided around a clear understanding of how that behavior actually operates," said Dr. Steve Lawyer, associate professor of psychology.

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